Colgate University


National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers reflect estimated student expenses for the 2022-2023 school year. Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase. Your official financial aid award will be included in a letter directly from Colgate University.

Annual Cost of Attendance



Room & Board


Books & Supplies






Required Fees


Health Insurance




How Annual Costs Are Covered



Federal Work-Study


Student  Contribution


Student Savings


Parent Contribution


Student Loan




Policy on Outside Funding
Outside awards received through a competitive or merit-based selection process will first be used to offset the student contribution and work-study award. Only after those sources of funding have been offset entirely will the outside award reduce a student's Colgate Grant. Entitlement awards are not covered by this policy and reduce Colgate Grant dollar for dollar

Policy on Health Insurance
Colgate requires all students to have health insurance. Students can waive out of Colgate Student Health Insurance if covered by another comparable plan. For matched students who are not approved for a waiver, Colgate will cover the cost of health insurance. The 2022-23 full-year premium cost was $2,291 not included in Cost of Attendance above. 

Policy on Travel Allowance
A travel allowance, determined by the student’s state of residence, will be factored into a student’s financial aid eligibility. Student and families must arrange and pay for all travel to and from Colgate. 

Policy on Student Contribution
Students have their $1,700 student contribution waived for their first year at Colgate. For their sophomore through senior years, they will be assessed a contribution of $1,700.

Requirements Associated with Maintaining this Award
Students must submit the FAFSA as well as all other required institutional financial aid application materials, in order to maintain the match scholarship award. Students must remain in good academic standing at Colgate and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. Colgate grant awards are limited to 8 semesters of enrollment. Students may request loans to offset costs.

Other Details
The required fees above include a transcript fee that is only applied in a student's first year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at Colgate University by email at or phone (315) 228-7431.