University of Notre Dame

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame QSN Chapter provides a welcoming and supportive community for its members. QuestBridge Scholars can engage in chapter activities, apply for leadership positions, and participate in opportunities offered nationwide through QuestBridge, including access to QuestBridge Alumni Association resources.

Founded in 2007, the Notre Dame QSN Chapter is committed to supporting high-achieving, low-income students as they transition to Notre Dame and throughout their undergraduate experience. Thanks to relationships with the Office of Admissions and Multicultural Society, the chapter has been able to host a variety of events focused on student success and the values of diversity and inclusion. 

Dedicated to building a strong community and support network, the Notre Dame QSN Chapter has offered a mentorship program and has hosted a variety of fun social programs, including a QuestGiving (Thanksgiving) trip to Chicago to connect with fellow Scholars at UChicago and Northwestern, a reflective retreat during the winter, and regular study breaks and group gatherings.

In addition to group activities, there are always opportunities for underclassmen to get involved in chapter leadership and initiatives. Each year, newly appointed chapter leaders and Executive Board members work together to plan new programming to ensure chapter members feel welcomed and engaged.