Boston University


In the heart of Boston, recognized as the education capital of the world, Boston University serves as the highest standard for research, academic excellence, and dauntless passion to pursue knowledge without limits. With guidance from academic scholars and researchers serving as faculty across 10 undergraduate schools and colleges, students can choose from more than 300 programs to create their own journey and path to success. And, in the process, find their people, their community, and their sense of belonging. 

Grounded in a rigorous academic experience, Boston University is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), placing it among the top research universities in the world. From biomedical engineering, computer science, journalism, theatre, international relations, and business to name a few, Boston University offers a plethora of programs that help students discover new horizons. If students have a passion, Boston University likely has a program to help them hone their passion into a career. 

Boston University’s residential campus is centrally-located in the city of Boston, giving students access to an urban campus where they can get a truly multi-faceted college experience. One that not only prepares them for a successful career, but also opens doors to opportunities from the day they become Terriers. Students can also engage and study in BU’s brand new 100% fossil fuel building named the Center for Computing & Data Sciences, a space dedicated to collaboration and collective innovation across all our schools and colleges. Combined with access to over 80 study abroad programs, unlimited internships, and real-world experience, Boston University graduates are geared to become change-makers and to find success the way they define it.

With more than 450 student organizations on campus, Boston University students can pursue their interests beyond the classroom and find a community that makes BU feel like home. A diverse student body from all 50 states and 118+ countries around the world comes together to create a vibrant campus. Students participate in intellectual discourse and community building at the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, and the recently opened Newbury Center, which supports first generation students and ensures their success.

Whether it’s finding their calling, pursuing a passion for learning more, exploring a world beyond borders, or creating ways to make an impact, BU students are thinkers and achievers who are ready to discover their potential. 

Fun Fact: Martin Luther King, Jr., received his PhD from Boston University in 1955. After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, he presented his papers to the Special Collections (now called the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center).

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