Davidson College


Davidson is a liberal arts college located 20 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. At Davidson, the Honor Code is central to campus life.  The code ensures academic integrity and provides the foundation for the open environment in which students live and study. The college offers a broad range of opportunities for leadership growth and community engagement. The college welcomes students with varying interests, experiences, and backgrounds. From incredible arts offerings to a campus-wide commitment to sustainability, students spend their time immersed fully in the campus community. You will find students participating in Davidson’s 150+ club and organizations or eagerly watching the college’s NCAA Division I athletic teams compete.   

The college offers a wide range of majors, from Political Science to Computer Science, and a full complement of minor and interdisciplinary minors. Students pursue many community-based learning courses, entrepreneurial experiences, internships and research opportunities. Whether you are collaborating in the science lab or discussing economic policy, you will learn from professors committed to your intellectual growth and success.

Notable Davidson alumni include Clint Smith ’10, award-winning poet and writer; John Chidsey ’83, CEO of Burger King; Anthony Foxx ’93, former U.S. Transportation Secretary; and Charles Write ’59, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. 

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